The Glencoe Park District operates as a self-governing entity with the power to levy taxes. While the District receives a modest $0.08 from each property tax dollar collected, the majority of its revenue, around 55%, is generated from non-property tax sources. This diverse income is consistently reinvested into the District for its ongoing development. As the Glencoe Park District, we actively collaborate with the Village and School District, working together on numerous community initiatives to promote efficiency and enhance the local area.

The Glencoe Park District is governed by a board consisting of five commissioners, all of whom hold voluntary positions and are elected by the general public of Glencoe. This board fulfills four essential roles: comprehensive planning, policy formation, decision-making, and oversight. Furthermore, the Park District is efficiently managed by a certified professional staff, ensuring responsible stewardship of our community’s recreational assets.

The Glencoe Park District offers a diverse array of amenities, including:

  • Parks and Recreation Facilities: The District boasts several parks and recreation facilities, including the popular Takiff Center, Watts Center, and Glencoe Beach. These facilities serve as hubs for community engagement and offer various programs and activities.
  • Playgrounds: Glencoe Park District features 12 playgrounds throughout the community, providing safe and enjoyable spaces for children to play and explore.
  • Athletic Fields: With a total of seven athletic fields, the District provides ample opportunities for sports enthusiasts to engage in activities such as soccer, baseball, softball, and more.
  • Courts: Glencoe Park District maintains eight courts, offering spaces for tennis, basketball, and other court-based activities. These courts cater to both recreational and competitive players.

These amenities collectively contribute to the vibrant recreational scene in Glencoe, accommodating a wide range of interests and promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for residents and visitors alike.

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