Glencoe Park District aspires to be the most innovative, customer-driven, financially and environmentally sustainable park district for current and future generations. In collaboration with the consulting firm 110% we will be developing a new Comprehensive Plan that will shape the future of the District. There will be a focus and acknowledgment of the unique attributes of Glencoe, honoring the past while reflecting on the changing community and the needs of those we serve. This Plan will guide decision making and not only align with existing plans including the 2015 Master Plan and 2018 Strategic Plan, but also complement them.

The plan will focus on the following:

  • parks
  • programs
  • facilities
  • safety & security
  • finance
  • sustainability
  • partnerships

An integral part of this planning effort is community engagement. Through public meetings, focus groups, surveys, and other outreach methods, we seek to include representative community feedback in the decision-making process. We value the input of our residents and stakeholders and aim to incorporate their perspectives and aspirations into the plans.

Furthermore, the Comprehensive Plan will be grounded in fiscal responsibility. We will ensure that the recommendations put forth consider the community’s needs and interests, as well as the District’s operating and maintenance requirements, while aligning with the fiscal realities of the District. By striking a balance between community aspirations and financial feasibility, we can create sustainable and fiscally sound plans for the benefit of all.

Together, this plan will help us to build upon attributes that create a thriving and inclusive community for everyone to enjoy.

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